Therapy for D.C. vets

We took a couple of days off to see the sights in D.C., and we managed to get in touch with the Washington, D.C. Veteran’s Medical Center. Our host, Michael, braved the D.C. traffic (on a marathon day, no less) to drive us up from Arlington to do a visit.


We met Nicki and Jon at the VA nursing care facility, and spent the morning meeting veterans. As always, the dogs did their jobs well, charming and delighting their patients.




One if the most amazing people we met was a veteran named Alice.


America, meet Alice.

Alice is 104 years old, and she will turn 105 this September. Even at her age, she is sharp as a tack and quick of wit. She told us story after story of her life and travels, and wished us well. When we asked what her secret was (she said she gets that question a lot) she told us that the secret to a long life is as simple as one word: “Sharing.” If you have clothes on your back and food in your belly, help your fellow man to have the same.

Sounds simple enough.


Max loves sharing

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  1. Amy Kratz says:

    These are amazing photos. Grace sure is the the perfect sweetheart of a dog for her work. I am glad to hear you are are doing well. You have been in my thoughts. You all must be getting used to the life by now and becoming old hats on the things you need yo do for the rest of your journey. Take care.

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