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Dear America,

We just finished another gourmet lunch of cold tuna and uncooked ramen noodles. We are pushing hard today, and by tonight we will have covered over 24 miles to reach Hancock, MD. We are planning at least one therapy visit there, and a much-needed grocery run. From there we only have a few short days left on the C&O canal trail. Then we tackle West Virginia. 

Remind me to tell you about Harper’s Ferry and the Fellowship of Bike Monks.

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5 Responses to Living the life

  1. Sally says:

    see, you need some granola in there for variety 🙂 You are really covering ground! Gone a long way and figuring out stuff that you could only know about once you were walking. Much love to you both- and the dogs too of course!

  2. Brittany Mayer says:

    I’m so blown away by what you guys are doing! Its truly amazing. I was very moved by the previous pictures of your therapy visit with the veterans. I think what you are doing is making a huge difference in a whole bunch of peoples lives. I for one, am very inspired! please post as much as you can, I love following along with your pictures and stories. keep up the awesome you guys!

  3. mme says:

    Enjoy hearing about what is going on
    with you! Keep updating as u can!

  4. Todd Shearer says:

    I am planning to do this next year, starting in March. I wish I had come across the pair of you a few days earlier as I live more or less right on the western side of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge! You passed within a mile or so of the house.
    I look forward to following and commenting as you make your way west. Congrats on getting started! Best of Luck.

  5. Mecia Crutcher says:

    Enjoy your reports so much. Hope you will find time to write more!!!

    Pawibilities Unleashed group

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