Welcome to Colorado


After 357 miles of Nebraska, we finally made it to the Colorado border today. We’re very tired and totally stoked to be alive.

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6 Responses to Welcome to Colorado

  1. John T Jurkiewicz says:

    Rocky Mountain High!!!!

    You guys are my heroes. Keep on truckin’ and helpin’ and spreadin’ your amazing joy.

  2. Linda Leyba says:

    Welcome! It does get more colorful than that.

  3. Colorado is a beautiful place. My son just got back yesterday from serving a two year mission there.

  4. Tina Shivley says:

    I hope you go through Fort Collins in your travels. Your old friend, Chelsey would love to see you. She is loving Colorado and the beautiful mountains! Good luck on your continued travels. What a great cause!

  5. Shereen Seyal says:

    Wahhh!!!! congratulations! call me soon, i miss you guys! and keep on truckin’

  6. angie says:

    Frankie two hatts……look for him along the way…..lol!!!!

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