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John and I have discussed many options for routes, but there are a few things that have been consistent priorities as we plan.

-We want to start on the east coast with our feet in the Atlantic Ocean and finish in San Francisco with a ceremonious trip over the Golden Gate Bridge and put our feet in the Pacific.

-We want to pass through the Laurel Highlands in Pennsylvania where the idea for this walk really took hold. It is also where John and I were married.

-We want to pass through Athens, OH where John and I met and went to school.  There is something about Athens that will always be home.  Camelot Puppy Sanctuary, where Max and Grace were adopted from, is also in the area.

-We want to cross the northern part of the country rather than the middle. Though there are plenty who have done it, no sane person wants to walk through Kansas in July (no offense, Kansas).

-We do not want to walk diagonally across Nevada. That much time in the desert isn’t good for anyone.

-We have to get over the Rockies by mid-August or we might not get to walk over them at all.  Snow happens early there.

-We would love to walk through at least part of Yosemite National Park

-We want the route to be 3,600 miles or less

Here is our best plan to date. Now its time to start really researching it. Obviously it is not exact, but it’s a trajectory. Any comments are welcome!

possible route from New Rochelle, NY to San Francisco, CA

This northern route into Oregon and then South to San Francisco is about 3,500 miles. At 20 miles a day walking 5 days a week, this route would take us around nine months.  Here is a link to the route on GoogleMaps if you want to interact with it or just get a better look!

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10 Responses to a discussed route

  1. stephanie says:

    I so love hearing about your adventures, intentions, plans and dreams. Where can we send donations to support your efforts?

    • Kait says:

      A “Support Us” page is on its way! We are in the final stages of setting it up so please keep an eye out for it!

  2. Sally says:

    What is the weather going to be from Wyoming to San Francisco late fall early winter? Its not just the Rockies you have to get over. Looks like a beautiful route…

    • Kait says:

      That’s a good question! If we’re lucky, we will be going through there sometime in September. Fortunately, we have found a number of other walkers that have passed through this area and I am very interested to hear about their experience walking there…

      • Sally says:

        also concerned about that desolated area south of Bend Oregon where you vere off 20 into what looks like total desolation- I don’t see ANY roads…

        • Kait says:

          Think of it this way: The other option is walking directly across the Nevada desert. You’re right, there isn’t much there, but that is what the support vehicle is for. With proper planning, we should have plenty of water, food, and gear for a few days of “wilderness” survival.

          • Sally says:

            north to Bend on 20 then south, there are main roads…are I don’t even see a road on the other route.

  3. Lacie says:

    Also, I have a ton of family members in Bend, OR that I’ve told about the walk that think it’s “wild” and would love to begin the west-coast welcome when we get there… Sounds like tons of fun to me, cookakee!

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  5. Shawn Saulsbury says:

    Very helpful for a prospective cross country traveler ….

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