Route Update

This is just a short entry with our most current plans for our route.

We have decided to begin in Lewes, Delaware on the American Discovery Trail which will then pass through Washington D.C., cross West Virgina, and take us straight through Athens, OH.  From there, we head north for Chicago.  Here is a link to a detailed map of the route, courtesy of Google Maps.

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3 Responses to Route Update

  1. Shawn Saulsbury says:

    Helpful! Thank You!

  2. logan wulf says:

    hi there my name is logan wulf I am actually planning a similar coast to coast trip, except my starting point is in san Francisco. my estimated departure date is set for the first day of spring in approximately 74 days. I really like the route u have mapped out. I was just curious if that was part of the American discovery trail or if u modified it. either way I like your rout and I was hoping maybe u could give me some input on what I should expect seeing as this will be my first cross country hike. any tips would be much appreciated and best of luck to you with all of your endeavors.

    • Kait says:

      Hi Logan, we aren’t as active on our blog as we once were, so I’m afriaid I am just seeing this comment. I hope you did in fact take your trip and that you had an amazing journey. Please feel free to reach out to us via email through the contact page or send directly to Safe travels!

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