West of the Chesapeake

I am still catching up on entries for Delaware, but for now I wanted to post a quick update:


getting dropped off by Pat and Shelly McCoy

Yesterday, after two days of doctor-ordered rest, we finally took our ride across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. We were driven across By Pat and Shelly McCoy. Kait grew up next door to the McCoys in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, and ut was wonderful to reconnect with family. They fed us steak and crab cakes, and Shelly refused to have her picture taken. They dropped us off yesterday with great concern for our roadside safety, and made us promise to call if we needed help.


Kait with Pat and little puppy Rudy

We had a lovely walk through Annapolis yesterday and took in the sights.


the Severn River. the Naval Academy on the far side.


As we started to run low on daylight, we realized that we were not walking toward an area with safe places to camp. At the last minute, Kait remembered signing up with couchsurfing.org and we sent out a few requests for places to stay. Within one hour, we had two responses (yay couchsurfing!)

We stayed the night with Karen and Ted, who were amazing to let us crash their guest room at such short notice. Karen even offered to pick us up (from the Annapolis Mall, right in front of the Pottery Barn) and drop us off the next morning. When you are traveling by foot, there are times when a lift can be a real lifesaver.

Today, we are back in the road heading toward Bowie, MD. The weather is ridiculously nice – 65 and sunny all day.


Right now, we are drying our socks by a little creek before heading on down the road. More updates coming soon!



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11 Responses to West of the Chesapeake

  1. Kathleen and April White says:

    We are the Queenstonians you met. Where did you take this enforced rest and what ED
    ordered it? Great idea though. We hope you are both restrengthened, dogs too of course and will continue to follow your travels. The Whites

    • Kait says:

      I went to the Kent Island Johns Hopkins urgent care. They were wonderful, took fantastic care of me, and have even continued to check in on me since. I took two days off – long enough for the swelling to go down so I could get my foot back in a boot. Then a few light days, and I am now back to normal. Kind of a “duh” moment, but it is incredible what a couple days off will do for you. Thanks for keeping in touch!

  2. Beautiful pics! Ooh, the Naval Academy. So cool!

    I hope you are enjoying yourselves. Don’t forget to take copious notes (written or even a voice recorder works great) of what you do, who you meet, interesting memories you have about conversations, happenings, places, etc. You never know what you might do with the info–write a book, write a screenplay based on particular experiences, or whatever.

    Good luck and stay safe!

    • Kait says:

      Hi Holly! Yes, LOTS of notes. A daily paper log, weblog, lots of photos, and a kind of reverse guest book with contact information for the people we stay with and meet. How excited are you getting!?! We’re thinking of you.

  3. Umair says:

    Amazing pictures, and thanks to awesome people like Karen and Ted who were a great help. I hope you guys succeed in your goals and meet more supportive people on your way. Good Luck 🙂

  4. Kathleen and April White says:

    Hi – the Queenstonians are here. We are SOOOO glad you are well and that you liked the JH Urgent Care. We work/volunteer right outside their desk at the Info. desk on Thursday a.m.s. Enjoy reading your Twitters and will continue to follow your journey. Stay well, you ALL. Kathleen and April

  5. Kathleen and April White says:

    Hi: The Queenstonians (MD) here. How do we find your full US route map? I can see where you are today, but not where you are going. Can you give some drop addresses ahead, and what you would like and need so that we may send appropriate packages to you and the dogs? Your Honest Kitchen was most informative – especially re: the gluten. I have a grandson allergic to gluten. Keep well, keep posting. We are all with you four in spirit. Kathleen and April

  6. Kathleen and April White says:

    Time and you 4 move forward! How can I find your overall US route map? And, where can I send you a package, some spots ahead on your journey? Weather cold in MD. Know you have hit rain. Be well. The Queenstonians.

    • John says:

      Hey Queenstonians,

      It is funny how we keep finding ourselves further down the road. We have a page up now with our projected route. I will get you information for specific post offices on the road ahead.

  7. Kathleen and April White says:

    Hi: Mailed a package earlier this week to the address you gave.
    How do walkers get across bridges that are for vehicles only? I am thinking particularly of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, which is closed, both ways, for 40 min. today as a HUGE barge with cranes, from China, works its way up the Bay. Afraid of gawkers while driving.
    Very hot here now. Hope you find it cooler.
    Thinking of you. The MD Queenstonians.

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