The Route

A route plan for a journey like this is only a trajectory written in the sand.

A close approximation of our completed route, walked March 1 – November 17, 2012:

Note: The above map is not a linked image.  A more detailed version is not available.

The final 300 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada to Long Beach, California:

Projected route as of August 26 (leaving Boulder, Colorado):

However, we save over 200 miles if we just finish like this, for example:

We’re keeping it as an option.

Projected route as of May 27 (leaving Muncie, Indiana):


Projected route as of April 28:

7 Responses to The Route

  1. Mary F. Davis says:

    Many thanks for the time the two of you and your beloved dogs spent with us at The Dog Training Club of Champaign-Urbana last night. Being a Mom to shelter dogs, training them in therapy work as well, your mission and courage of convictions is a daily lesson in the way we should treat each other and our animals.

    You epitomize the following as a reflection in your love for one another and the daily blessings you give and that find you in return ~
    “We shall pass this way but once. All the good that can be done do it now. For we shall not pass this way again”.

    Peace and Joy be with you always!

  2. Mary in NY says:

    if you go the sacramento route let me know I can hook you up in the mountains with a few folks! Mary in NY

  3. lacie says:

    If you do choose LA, we would be happy to have you and then drive up to San Francisco together if it comes to that as a decision. We would be more than happy to host you. Love you all so much.

  4. Doug in Normal, IL says:

    Just my two cents: go to LA, then continue walking to San Fran. What’s another few hundred miles? Keep on moving forward guys!!!!

  5. Jerry Kauffman says:

    You stopped on Weld County Road 8 and camped out for a few hours in the heat under a 100+ year old cottenwood that has a burned out center accross the road from our farm. I stopped to say hi and you gave me a card and said you were on your way to lafayette co that night. I see you have now made it to Boulder. Good luck on your trek! BTW we have two rescue Border Collies, and I think what you are doing is great.

  6. GaryMitchell says:

    Sorry that your won’t be walking to San Franscico, sometimes we have to make changes in our plans. I know i had to on my walk i did this summer.
    That is why when i do my walk next year, i will be walking in April.
    Good luck with the rest of your walk.

  7. I hope to someday replicate the walk with my dogs. I know it would be the time of their lives.

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