We’re gonna sing into a can!

Classy campground, McCook.

McCook, McCook, you are too kind. We walked a short morning to get here, and went straight to Fuller’s Family Restaurant for lunch. Kait’s aunt Barb and uncle Jim met us on their way back from visiting family and friends in Fort Collins, CO. Jim and Barb have been close family friends for many years – Kait says they’ve known her since before she was even born. They had planned to buy us lunch while we caught up and told them all about our trip, but the staff at Fuller’s beat them to it and donated a beastly lunch for all three of us hungry pilgrims.

Jim and Barb.

Jim and Barb have strong ties to The New Belgium Brewing Company in Fort Collins. Their son worked for them for many years, and they make it sound like an amazing place to work. He passed away tragically eight years ago, and New Belgium has treated them like family and supported them through the tragedy. I already love New Belgium – Fat Tire holds a special place in my heart – and I love that they take wonderful care of their employees, give back to charitable causes, and work hard to run a sustainable green business. We are very excited to get to Denver and take our detour up to Fort Collins – but we have many miles to go before we get there…

The walls of Fuller's Family Restaurant are lined with cookie jars.

After lunch, we headed to the Emeritus Willow Ridge senior living community for a therapy visit. We have a pretty good rhythm down for these visits – Kait and I man the dogs, while Slater strums out an eclectic and soothing set of tunes. While we visited, Laurie from the McCook Gazette interviewed us about the Walk and snapped some pictures for the paper.

Mindy and the pups

Mindy, the Life Enrichment Director, offered us a guest room for the night so we could get showers and do some laundry. The staff even set us up with dinner with the residents. I can never express enough gratitude for donated meals. I adore calories.

Tomorrow morning, we will head to Community Hospital for another therapy visit, before meeting up with Rich Barnett of High Plains Radio to join him on Open Line, their popular call-in program. This will be our first time ever being on the radio, and we are pretty stoked to beam our disembodied voices out to the masses. I hope people call in and ask us questions. That would be neat.

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6 Responses to We’re gonna sing into a can!

  1. Amy Kratz says:

    What happened to Max? I only keep seeing Jenny And Grace and I read every blog I do nt recall reading that the left your group. I hope he’s OK and I’m glad to hear you all doing well too. Can’t wait to read the book the blogs are great. Take Care to you all.
    Your Friend from Lewes, DE.

    • Sally says:

      Hi Amy! John’s Mom here. We are trying to get folks to write to Ellen Degeneres and ask her to feature the walk and the mission for pet adoption and pet therapy with her audience! If you could send her an email and share with others, that would be great! I am glad so many people are following and being inspired by their story. http://ellen.warnerbros.com/show/respond/?PlugID=10

  2. Sally says:

    Amy, all 3 dogs are doing fine, Max and Jenny are in this post and grace in in several shots from the previous post Lightning and cartoons in Kearney has several pictures of Grace at the visit there. The vet check for Max and Grace the end of June showed them to be happy and glowingly healthy.

  3. Gary (Old White Man) says:

    Met Jon, Old Brown Dog and Grace in front of the Frisco Museum in Frisco, Colo. It was nice to hear the story about your trek west. Good luck with the remaining miles and hope the pooches are enjoying the high country. It was neat that I (Old White Man) was able to meet Old Brown Dog.

    • John says:


      Glad you met Jon and got to our website! Kait and I are sad that we didn’t get to meet you, but at least you have a powerful ally in Old Brown.

      Old Brown Dog and Old White Man – truly a force to be reckoned with.

  4. Malloy says:

    Cute butt in the photo…you too, Kait.

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