Wayne County Magic

Wayne County has been treating us very well. We took a zero day in Torrey to run errands and let our bodies rest after 8 straight days of walking. We bought groceries, filled water, ran laundry, and even got showers before heading to The Patio for a pitcher of beer and some serious bloggery on their wifi. Our waitress, Sherri, got to asking about our project, and later that night she offered us a place to stay at her house in Bicknell. We decided to land there for dinner, conversation, and comfy beds the next night. We got up and walked through Torrey, meeting wonderful people left and right. We met a young guy named Justin, who rolled up on a bicycle loaded down for the long haul. He just finished riding ocean to ocean to raise money for cancer research, and he blew our minds when he told us he made it in 38 riding days and 6 rest days. That makes me feel really slow. To top it off, his friends bet him $2000 that he wouldn’t ride all the way back, so now he’s heading back home to West Virginia. Feeling lazy yet?

After walking to Bicknell and giving the dogs baths, we drove up to Loa to make our first Pet Therapy visit since entering Utah. We arrived at Serenity Springs Assisted Living and let the dogs go to work, loving and entertaining the residents and staff.

"make a funny face!"

Slater got his guitar out and sang song after song while the dogs wound down and slowly passed out on the floor. Grace warmed a nice old lady’s feet.

music and a mushy Brown Dog

everybody got tired.

There haven’t been many opportunities for therapy visits in Utah, and it felt really good to get back into the swing of things. Serenity Springs has a very warm and homey vibe, and they were really grateful for our visit – they even gave us a card that thanked us for brightening their day. This is why we chose to not walk scenic highway 12 – if we had done that, we wouldn’t have opportunities to volunteer until the very western edge of Utah. Like Nate said, highway 24 is the place to be.

this is a bonafide dummy in a sheriff's car on the side of the 24 in Loa.

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