Two healthy dogs

Grace at Lake Erie in July

Yesterday, Grace and Max had an appointment with Dr. Mary O’Grady at Barbour Lane Animal Hospital for their annual checkup and vaccinations.  A yearly vet visit is necessary, but this one was particularly important.  We are only four months away from the walk and Max and Grace need to be in the best condition possible.

We are very happy to report that both dogs are fit and healthy.  They have been fully vaccinated, and given clean bills of health.  We chose to vaccinate them against lepto (Canine Leptospirosis), an “optional” vaccine, in preparation for the walk.  It is a contagious bacterial disease spread by wild animals like deer, raccoons, and possum.  We expect to run into an animal or two while we’re out on the road next year, so we decided to be prepared.

It is amazing what a relief it is to have a veterinarian’s seal of approval.  Dr. O’Grady said that they are in great shape.  In her opinion, they are healthy and capable of taking on a cross-country walk.  We are planning one more appointment just before we leave as well – a chance for one last check-up, and to stock up on necessary flea and heart-worm meds.

Thank you to Dr. O’Grady and the rest of the Barbour Lane Animal Hospital staff for taking such wonderful, loving care of Max and Grace (and us!) through our many visits.  Thank you for your support of our dog walk across America.

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  1. Shawn Saulsbury says:

    Great info on getting the traveling dog vet checked and the lepto (Canine Leptospirosis), an “optional” vaccine, in preparation for the walk.

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