Now entering West Virginia

Our last day on the C&O canal was a milestone. We crossed our 300-mile mark for the walk:


I have a very patient dog.

We walked through the Paw Paw tunnel:



we sang spooky songs

And we slept in a schoolhouse. I don’t have a picture of it, but the Oldtown High School building is now owned by a nice fellow named Larry. Nobody would bid on the building at auction, so he bought it for $5,000 and runs several businesses, a restaurant, and a youth center out of it. He also let us spend the night in an old classroom, which kept us out if a nasty storm.

After a good night’s sleep and a breakfast at the School House Kitchen, we left Maryland and crossed into West Virginia.


We have been warned over and over that West Virginia is the toughest part of this entire trip – the terrain is brutal, the weather is unpredictable, and the people aren’t friendly. Well, we are now 28 miles into this beautiful state, and only the terrain us treating badly. The people and weather have been quite hospitable!




ADT welcome kiosk, Green Spring, WV


...I hope we don't need this part of the map.

…the terrain is really rough, by the way.

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7 Responses to Now entering West Virginia

  1. lesley Nord says:

    I hope you make your posts into a book! I want multiple copies-for every room in my home! Somehow it brings me such peace-the pictures, the verbal snapshots of people, places and hisotry, and the tidbits of philosophy and life lessons that punctutate your journey. It reminds me to reach out for my dreams and to live my life! Thanks for the inspriation!!

  2. Shereen Seyal says:

    I dont think I’ve ever liked a picture as much as I like that one of max on the pole. Impressive work!
    So proud of you! Call me when you get a chance! At least WV is pretty!

  3. John T Jurkiewicz says:

    West Virginia is a beautiful state and I have lottsa friends there. They are warm and wonderful people.

    Keep on truckin’. You inspire us all

  4. Mom says:

    Great posts! I go straight to my computer every morning and check for updates wihile the coffee brews before I head off to the barn. Keep them coming! I think I see the image of the Virgin Mary on that map! You could probably sell it on e-bay for a huge donation to your walk. Stay away from those banjos! XOX.

  5. Saleem says:

    Hope you two continue to have lots of fun and meet amazing people on your journey.
    Keep writing those beautiful entries. You are an amazing writer! Love always and Fi Aman Allah ( In God’s protection)!

  6. Mike says:

    Loved the photos in this one!!! You guys are so Zissou. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

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