Tails from the junkyard


I am still trying to figure out the best ways to update this blog from the road. My phone, as smart as it is, cannot find a signal even when every other phone can. It just ate a large entry I was lovingly typing out, so a short update will have to do.


the Lewes UFO

It is day 4. We are camping in a junkyard (with permission, Mom) behind some empty dumpsters. Tomorrow we will push for the Maryland border. I am sad to leave Delaware – people have been amazing across this small state.


water break!

Our first two nights, we were hosted by the wonderful Conner family, who hosted Nate Damm on his walk last year. Nate called ahead and told them about our walk, and we spent two nights with Serenda, Reese, and their three wonderful children. They helped us run some last minute errands, and Serenda even brought us lunch on the trail today. They are amazing trail ambassadors, and helped us start on the right foot. I cannot thank them enough.

Today we met another hiker who started two days after us and caught us today. He is also an alum of the Ohio University School of Fine Arts – small world, indeed! He is hiking to raise money for the Special Olympics – check out his site here.  He is a beast of a hiker.

I’m cold and tired and have miles to cover tomorrow. We will update again soon. Love from the trail.


grace is unamused.

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