Big Announcement-type Announcement

Big things have been happening. Lots of things. It’s time we shared.

Kait and I will no longer be ending our walk in San Francisco. San Fran has been our end goal pretty much since the day we decided to do this whole thing, but we’ve gotten pretty comfortable going with the flow and rolling with the ever-changing, unpredictable landscape of time and space. Our route has changed time and time again, due to weather an whim and people-visiting and opportunities lost and gained. Because of a multitude of circumstance and positive developments, we have decided to end our walk to the Pacific Ocean in Long Beach, California.

We have been trying to get an event of some kind planned for our arrival in the West – a 5k dog walk, or a pet fair, or an adoption event – something to drive our mission home and end with a bang. We had no luck getting anything moving in San Francisco, and since we spend most of our time every day walking and trying to not die, we needed to find someone on the ground to help us put something together. On a whim, Kait called our good friend Lacie, who lives in LBC. She’s a dog owner and lover, and also a very supportive and motivated friend. We told her what we wanted to do, and within a week she got the Long Beach Dog Park Association to agree to host an event. It’s that easy.

With the opportunity to make something happen at the finish line that could take the energy of our project and amplify it, the decision to walk to Long Beach instead was a no-brainer. That, and it shaves about 300 miles off of our walk. And we’re tired. So that sounds ok. Ocean is ocean. So from here – we’re in Las Vegas, by the way – we now have less than 300 miles to go before we reach the coast. Our big finish day is going to be November 17th, come hell or high water or traffic or whatever. More details to follow.

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11 Responses to Big Announcement-type Announcement

  1. Mabel says:

    how exciting!! i will def. try to make it out to any event you have there!

  2. Mary in NY says:

    Wow, so close, it does not matter where you end, you have done a great job. I know you probably are very tired. Keep going, great job. Mary in NY

  3. stephanie says:

    Thanks Lacie, for helping our friends, end their adventure with appropiate Fanfare!
    Wish i could be there, as it will be a celebration for all of us ‘followers’ to cherish~

  4. That’s exciting! I’m glad your friend got something planned for you in Long Beach. That sounds a little better than heading up to San Francisco. Keep our numbers and if you run across any issues getting to Long Beach on time, call us. My husband works in Southern Calif and drives out from UT every week. Good luck, Karen

  5. Lacie says:

    Yay!!! I am working on getting all the details together and will soon have more to share! Anyone who wants to get involved with the event can contact me at

    • Sally says:

      Thank you Lacie! If there is anything I can do to help from long distance, please let me know! We will be coming in, but only for the weekend.

  6. Long Beach it is — and I’ll bet the dogs will be elated that the journey is over. Yoyu’re tired and worn out — they must be, too. Grave, Mx and Penny are real troopers and should really be highlighted in your celebration.
    Love you both.
    Grandma and Gtrandpa

  7. Mary Lou Keller says:

    Good decision guys! I’m so happy your friend was able to get event together. What you have been doing is so huge and I wish that thousands more people could know about your journey and your mission. I can not begin to imagine how tired you all are and how you long for comfort of home and your own bed.

    You’ve had the hottest summer to cross the plains and you have endured an awful lot, but have learned so much and made many new friends and gained so much experience.
    I’m very thankful to have learned of your journey and have loved “following” along with you.

    Wishing continued blessings and peace for remainder of your journey.
    Mary Lou

  8. Cindy Adkins says:

    That sounds exciting! Wish I could be there! I can’t even imagine how tired you and the dogs must be. I’ll be cheering you on from Ohio!

  9. Mecia Crutcher says:

    Have enjoyed keeping up with your travels! Will be glad to see in book form with pics.
    How you endured the summer weather is remarkable! Hope to see you back in KY in a bit…… and your furbies are really inspiring! Be safe!

  10. Wow. It’s hard to believe that you are so close to being finished!! Congratulations and good luck on the last portion of your trip. I’m very excited for you! I wish I could go to California and watch you wade into the Pacific in triumph.

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